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Service & Support

We provide our technical services in the following 5 categories:                           

  1. Guitar & Bass amplifier service, modifications, upgarde, complete overhauls
  2. Guitar & Bass instrument service, modifications & check up
  3. Effects service, upgrade, & modifications
  4. Custom made cabinets, heads, and enclosures
  5. Hi Fi / Old radios service, PA Systems, Preamps, power amps, Studio equipment services

 Guitar and bass amplifier services:

  1. General check up
  2. Amplifier evaluation
  3. Re-tubing & re-biasing
  4. Filter replacements/upgrades (electrolytics & circuit/tone stack)
  5. Modifications (fx loop, tonestack mods, hot rodding, etc)
  6. Silverface to blackface conversion
  7. Complete Upholstering and re-covering
  8. Transforming a combo into head & cabinet (and vice versa)

Guitar & bass repairs, setup, upgrades and modifications

  1. Instrument evaluation
  2. Basic set-up (action, intonation, truss rod adjustment)
  3. Compete set-up/repair (Basic set-up + cleaning of pots & jacks, ground connections, upgrades of electric components etc)
  4. Pickup replacement and/or modifications (ie out of phase, series/parallel switches)
  5. Upgrade of potentiometers, capacitors, and jacks
  6. custom modifications and re-wiring
  7. complete fret board job  (fret leveling, fretboard leveling, fret install etc)

Pedal service, upgrade, & modifications

  1. General repairs/modifications
  2. Component upgrade (capacitor replacements, potentiometer changes, footswitch replacement)
  3. True by-pass modification
  4. DC power jack installation/modification

Custom cabinets . Cabinet repairs & upholstering, Speaker wiring.

  1. Custom modifications
  2. Custom made cabinets for bass and guitar
  3. Speaker wiring options
  4. Cabinet re-covering & grill cloth replacement
  5. Cabinet accesories (installation of casters, side handles, tilt back legs, etc)

Hi Fi, Vintage radio, PA Systems, Pre-amp, Power-amps

  1. General checkup / repair
  2. Evaluation
  3. Re-tubing
  4. Component upgrades

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